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  • @YellowfinBIYellowfin ranks first in Dresner’s 2013 Wisdom of Crowds #BusinessIntelligence Market Study - - #analytics #BI
  • @YelloobeeLaatste loodjes voor oplevering van versie 1.2 van Yelloobee...Interesse? Bel of mail even...
  • @YellowfinBIJust 36 hrs till we kick-off the first of our Yellowfin 6.3 launch Webinars. We're pretty pumped: #analytics #BI

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Information you normally need hours to compile now at the press of a button. That’s Yelloobee. The exact data you need, when you need it.

For every business process

Yelloobee has adapted to your business process. Choose the business process that suits you and you’ll receive standard reports that support your process. Plus, you can easily produce your own reports in Yelloobee. That way, you’ll never have too much information, or too little. This includes reports for processes such as:

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Yelloobee displays information in convenient screen overviews. Outstanding amounts, ledger card, ageing analysis, total FTEs in the organisation: all this and more, at your fingertips. No experience with Oracle E-Business Suite required, and no need for modelling or programming. Imagine the time you’ll save!