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Finance 2 Control

A tight handle on your finances, that's what you want. And that's where Yelloobee can assist you, with more than 30 readymade reports and dashboards that give you a clear insight into this process.

This gives you at-a-glance insight into:

  • Your accounting period reconciliation from a comprehensive dashboard
  • A clear balance sheet and profit and loss account
  • A ledger card with additional information from the sub-ledger
  • The outstanding accounts payable analysis including payment verification
  • Debtor and creditor cards carrying all invoices, payments and receipts per debtor or creditor

Examples of these reports are:

  • GL Account Analysis
    This report displays journal entry information by period for one or multiple GL accounts.
  • Bank Statement Lines
    This report displays bank statement line information for a specific bank account and/or statement.
  • Reconciliation AP – GL
    This report displays AP and GL balances by period and can be used to reconcile payables with general ledger.


Sample Reports Finance 2 Control

  • GL-Account Analysis
  • Bank Statement Lines
  • Reconciliation AP-GL

Unique and fast. Very fast.

Yelloobee is unique because it retrieves all requested information from the complex Oracle E-Business Suite data model and presents it in a way that’s convenient, easy to understand and user-friendly. We consciously opted for a setup that is process-based instead of module-based, offering a standard set of reports plus options to develop your own additional reports quickly and easily. After all, why make things complicated?