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Procure 2 Pay

What you do want to keep a handle on? Your costs, of course. This makes it important that your entire process is supported, from order placement up to and including payment. You need valuable operational reports and dashboards to give you a clear insight into business affairs. Yelloobee supports you with more than 60 reports, compiled on the basis of our experience with customers.

This includes reports such as:

  • Supplier overviews with bank account numbers
  • Insight into lead times: from order to payment from various perspectives (purchaser, supplier, department, ordering party)
  • Total overviews from order through payment, visible in one report
  • Insight into the productivity and effectively of your creditors ledger
  • A clear analysis of the outstanding payment periods for accounts payable

Examples of these reports are:

  • Supplier Movement Overview
    This report displays the detail transactions (invoice and payments) per Supplier per period.
  • Procurement Leadtime By Requestor
    This report displays the procurement Leadtime (from Requisition to Purchase Order Approval) by requestor.
  • Usage of Supplier Sites
    This report displays the usage of supplier sites during the latest six months.


Sample Reports Procure 2 Pay

  • Supplier Movement Overview
  • Procurement Leadtime By Requestor
  • Usage of supplier sites
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