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Project 2 Completion

Perhaps you also use project accounting. This alone is complex enough, so complex reporting is the last thing you need. What you want is clear insight into your projects and progress. And that’s exactly where Yelloobee can support you – in no fewer than 50 ways.

Naturally, you also want:

  • Project master data at a glance
  • User-friendly insight into project progress and budgetary scope
  • Insight into current project commitments, straight from the source
  • Project costs from all possible perspectives (in time, type of expenditure as well as task)
  • The possibility of reporting the status of work-in-progress over time

You ask, Yelloobee delivers – for example:

  • Project Configuration Overview
    This report displays the basic project configuration information including Work Breakdown Structure – Key Members – Classifications and Asset information.
  • Capital Project Summary (By Project)
    This report displays Expensed, CIP and Interfaced CIP summary amounts for one or multiple projects, including drilldown to Task level amounts and Asset lines or (overview of) Uncapitalized expenditures.
  • Current Project Status Inquiry (ITD Raw & Burdened Amounts)
    Project level ITD amounts (raw & burdened) with variable budget type. For one or multiple projects


Sample Reports Project 2 Completion

  • Project Configuration Overview
  • Capital Project Summary (by Project)
  • Current Project Statement Inquiry

Unique and fast. Very fast.

Yelloobee is unique because it retrieves all requested information from the complex Oracle E-Business Suite data model and presents it in a way that’s convenient, easy to understand and user-friendly. We consciously opted for a setup that is process-based instead of module-based, offering a standard set of reports plus options to develop your own additional reports quickly and easily. After all, why make things complicated?