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Recruite 2 Retire

‘We wish you many employees’ sounds like a great blessing, but we know you also want control over your most important asset: your employees. That's why Yelloobee has more than 15 readymade overviews that give you insight into your workforce.

You gain insight into:

  • Information regarding the career progression of your employees
  • Your employees’ birthdays
  • Employees by organization
  • Overview of workforce changes
  • Debtor and creditor cards carrying all invoices, payments and receipts per debtor or creditor

Examples of these reports are:

  • Personnel by Organization
    This report displays headcount in FTE’s per organization; via down drilling all individual details are available.
  • Employee Birthday Overview
    This report displays birthdays per organization, including years of service.
  • Employee Career per Position Overview
    This report displays employee career movements in terms of internal positions and functions over the years.


Sample Reports Recruite 2 Retire

  • Workforce by Organization
  • Employee Birthday Overview
  • Employee Career per Position Overview

Why Yelloobee?

  • All data at your fingertips
  • No dependence on third parties
  • Easily create your own reports
  • Process-oriented
  • Upgrade-proof
  • Accessible in the Cloud
  • Works with any configuration (setup)
  • Available on all mobile devices
  • Data available in near real-time
  • Follows Oracle EBS authorisation and security model
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Easy cancellation (but why would you?)